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Tooth Extractions in Adelaide

If an extraction is required for any reason out dentists will discuss the best and most comfortable method of removal with you.

If a referral is needed to have the tooth removed with either general anaesthetic, or you would prefer to be sedated while the tooth is removed, our team will recommend a suitable oral surgeon to care for your case

Tooth extraction is performed for a wide range of reasons, including due to damage or decay as well as to make space for orthodontic treatment. Our newly-built treatment rooms and state of the art equipment enable us to perform most extractions at our comfortable Hays Street clinic as painlessly as possible.

Before our dentists remove any teeth, a complete medical history will be taken so please bring along a list of your current medications and let us know of any health conditions. We then provide supportive follow-up care, and regular check-ups to make sure everything is running smoothly.


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Dr Leedham is now pleased to welcome Dr Sam Jones to the team. Dr Jones joins us with 10 years of clinical experience in local private practice. If you have any questions about your dental health or would like to contact us for an appointment time, please either call the friendly staff on 8353 5111

Philip Leedham
Philip LeedhamDentist
For more than 30 years Dr Leedham has been looking after patients in the Western Suburbs of Adelaide.
Sam Jones
Sam JonesDentist
Dr Jones joins us with 10 years of clinical experience in local private practices from all across Adelaide & regional SA.

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