Are you experiencing sore teeth?

Majority of people will experience uncomfortable teeth at some point of their life. If the unfortunate event happens when you find yourself with sensitive and/or tooth discomfort we are here to help.

Sore teeth can range from general tooth sensitivity to a constant ache. Depending on the severity of discomfort there are multiple treatments we can do to resolve your pain.

Fillings: Dependant on the reason for your sensitivity, our dentists may be able to resolve this issue with a simple filling. Our dentists will do a vary of ‘clinical tests’ to decipher why you are experiencing said discomfort. For more information, head to our ‘Dental Filling’ tab.

Root Canal: We preform a root canal on a tooth when the nerve is either dying or is dead. The discomfort you experience from a dying/dead tooth can be a constant ache, hot/cold temperature sensitivity and pain to any type of pressure on the tooth. The discomfort you feel is due to the inflamed nerve inside the tooth and potential pressure from the infection that may be present in your jaw.
Treating a root canal tooth is a multiple appointment procedure. The price will vary dependant on the restorative work required and the size tooth that will require the treatment, due to varying complexity of anatomical roots within the tooth.

Extraction: If a tooth is severely broken or decayed, your tooth may be un restorable. We would then organise to have the tooth removed. There are varying factors as to if we are able to take a tooth out at our clinic or if we are requiring to refer you to a specialist. For more information, head to our ‘Dental Extractions’ tab.

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