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Root Canal Treatment in Adelaide

If a tooth develops an infection or inflammation for any reason a root canal may be required in order to keep the tooth in your mouth.

Root canal therapy is often carried out in stages in order to achieve the best results, and ensure a comfortable tooth at completion of treatment.

Please call today or make an appointment online if you are experiencing dental pain or have any questions regarding your need for root canal therapy.

Symptoms associated with an infected pulp (root canal)

  • sensitivity to cold & hot fluids or foods
  • pain when chewing
  • spontaneous throbbing pain
  • persistent dull toothache

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

  • The tooth is anaesthetized to ensure the root treatment will be comfortable for you.
  • An opening is made into the pulp of the tooth in order to access the infected root canals.
  • Tiny precision instruments & antibacterial solutions are then used thoroughly disinfect the root canals.
  • The root canals are then filled with an inert material & a restoration is placed on the top part of the tooth to help prevent further infection.

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Selwyn Proctor
Selwyn Proctor
I have been using the west beach clinic for many years and have always been well looked after.Today they surpassed themselves as I had a problem with an abscess .I am starting Chemotherapy very soon and could not go ahead with treatment.One of the dentists there Doctor A lee agreed to fix my problem the same day.He got around my ongoing medical problems and now I am ready to continue my chemo treatment. Wonderful Dentist
owen evans
owen evans
Kerri Candie
Kerri Candie
Fantastic Dentist and staff ,very professional and s pleasure to deal with.
Leigh Anderson
Leigh Anderson
Excellent service. Have a phobia of needles however Dr Leedham has been extremely helpful and cautious when performing work, he is the only dentist I have been able to let give me anaesthetic.
Grant Foster
Grant Foster
Best Dentist i have been to! Efficient and thorough. Well priced.
Nadene Metcalfe
Nadene Metcalfe
Got 2 of my wisdom teeth taken out on separate occasions and was pleasantly surprised. So well looked after.

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