Denture Frequently Asked Questions

What are some initial feelings that may come with new dentures?


You will find increased saliva production is one thing that you will notice as well as altered speech. It will take some time to get used to having prosthetic teeth so you’ll have to be patient as initial pains and sores will arise. Try to stay away from overly solid and hot foods, as your [...]

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Am I able to sleep with my dentures?


Yes, you are able to sleep with your dentures in. However, all dentists will recommend that you take them out while you sleep to give your jaw a chance to relax. During this time you can store them in a glass of water, or use this chance to clean them using effervescent tablets.

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How do I clean my dentures?


Cleaning your dentures is important for their health & longevity along with yours. You should clean your dentures every day to mitigate plaque build-up. Simply use a soft toothbrush with water and soap – or denture paste – over a sink to clean it. On top of this, you should give them a deep rinse [...]

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What are the different types of dentures?


There are two types of dentures that dentists can use for you, which depend on your circumstances. The first is known as ‘complete dentures ‘or ‘full dentures’ and is used in cases where all teeth need replacing. As the name suggests, the prosthetic is for the entire set of teeth. The other is ‘partial dentures’ [...]

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